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At Hound Tales Inn, we encourage dogs to interact and play at the level they are comfortable with. We spend time with each of our guests and get to know their personalities, so we can make their time with us a fun and comfortable experience for them. They can bark and run as they please, or cuddle up in a comfy bed for an afternoon nap. Overnight guests stay in a comfortable and secure area that affords them privacy from the other dogs. We appreciate it when dog owners think to bring some of their pet's own items to make their stay more enjoyable.


The building is equipped with heating and air conditioning to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. During the summer, we have pools in the outdoor areas for the dogs to play in. In the winter , we'll bundle up and play in the snow with the more adventurous dogs.  Our on-site staff have pet first aid training and experience with giving medications. We have dealt with seizures and giving insulin shots with our own pet.  The stress caused by worrying about your pet being at home alone can be gone. We are dog parents, and know how much of a relief it is to find someone that you can trust to take care of your friend when you can't be there.

Our Goals
  • To provide a safe environment for all our guests.
  • To give dogs a comfortable place to socialize and play.
  • To give our clients peace of mind when they leave their pet with us.

Hound Tales Inn is conscious of health and environmental concerns regarding cleaning products. We make every effort to use natural cleaning products that will be less irritatng to our dogs. We are committed to keeping our business as sanitary and safe as possible.